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Fimec spa was set up in 1956 as a small family-run workshop. It quickly became an established company thanks to its ability to seek out the highest quality in its products and to offer a fast and professional service.

This led to Fimec gaining its customers' confidence and conquering new markets, firstly Italian ones and then foreign markets. Fimec currently covers an area of 12,000 square meters (6,000 m2 of buildings) and has a reputation for experience, quality and service all over the world, as we export the 45% of its motors to foreign countries and hasmany dealers all over the world.

The quality of Fimec products is warranted by its professional staff and by the use of high technology machineries.
Fimec motors are all tested before being delivered and are all supplied with test certificates.

Quality, quickness and service at the highest level is that you will find by contacting us. We also offer a wide range of products and special executions applied to them. Now, fifty years on, Fimec is run by the new generation, sharing in the values handed down by the founders and working with fresh impetus to reach new markets and give new life to a brand that is known and highly esteemed around the world, offering the best of Italian quality.