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“Three Phase Motors(serie VE)Electric motors type VE are suitable for general industrial uses with various fields of application, such as , food , car washes , fans, crane machines, textile machines , automatic packaging machines , pumps , electric ovens and machines for processing wood or aluminum and for ceramic sector. It is a single speed motors (usually 2,4,6 or 8 poles) , built within a round aluminum housing , power from 0.06kw , size from frame 50 (according to IEC-34-7 standards) , with mounting feet or with flange type B5 or B14 . Exit shafts are standard (according to IEC 72-1 standards) or, on request , designed according to customers’ needs.

IE1 standard efficiency motors from 0.75kw power should no longer be marketed within the European Union and the United States (except for uses in certain environmental conditions and services as clearly described on our catalogue) . They are mainly used to be exported to markets where they are not yet mandatory and minimum efficiency levels and efficiency class IE1 are still accepted .

IE2 efficiency motors are built in accordance with new EC Regulation 640/2009 which set the minimum level of energy efficiency for electric motors for being sold within Europe ( and other countries ) and became mandatory from June 2011 . Therefore, from this date, three phase motors, single speed (2, 4 or 6 poles) , with a rated power from 0.75 kW, rated voltage up to 1,000 V and characteristics of continuous operation , sold and installed in Europe must meet IE2 efficiency requirements established by this standard.

From January 2015 even the IE3 efficiency shall come into force for engines from 7.5kw to 375kw sold within the European Union.
Double Speed Three phase motors(serie DP)Three-phase motors type DP are totally enclosed, with fan cooled ventilation, have cage rotor in die- cast aluminum alloy or aluminum,insulation class F, protection degree IP55, standard heights and dimensions according to European standards. Efficiency standards are not requested for double speed motors.

Three-phase motors type DP are dual speed three phase motors. They are used in those applications in which two fixed speeds are requested. They are obtained by swapping over the motor poles and are of two types:

• Motors with polarity ratio equal to 2 (2/4 poles, 4/8 poles) made with a single winding and switchover of the number of poles by modifying the internal connections. The standard execution has a Dahlander YY/ D connection and single voltage supply (usually 400V./50Hz ).

• Motors with polarity ratio other than 2 (e.g. 4/6 poles, 2/8 poles). In this case motors have two distinct windings and the possibility of being supplied with one voltage at Y or D connection. Standard motors are supplied with Y connection and are fed at 400V/50Hz..
Asynchronous three phase brake motors(T Series- with dc brake) (P Series – with pneumatic brake) Three phase asynchronous motors “T series” are single or dual speed motors , equipped with a DC safety brake . Enclosed motors are cooled by external surface ventilation and have a squirrel cage rotor, aluminum or aluminum alloy die-casting, insulation class F, IP55 protection , dimensions and shaft heights are unified, according to European standards . They can both have single polarity (2, 4 , 6 or 8 pole) or they can be bipolar (4/ 2 poles , 8/ 4 pole , 4/6 pin, 6/8 pin, 8/2 poles).

Fimec motors of our “T series” are equipped with an electromagnetic brake whose braking action is exercised in absence of power . When power is interrupted , the brake coil is no longer powered and consequently It no longer has the magnetic force required to hold the armature that is pushed by pressure springs , compress the brake disc thus exerting the braking action . The dimensions of this brake are very compact , therefore the motors remain almost unchanged in size compared to those of standard motors of series VE and DP.

Brakes type T are fed through an high quality half-wave rectifier. On request , various types of rectifier are also available. This ensures braking times faster than the standard.

The brake coil is usually provided at 230v or 400v . Other voltages are available on request.

Motors with pneumatic brake (“P series”) are equipped by an annular piston against the armature, fitted with springs and attached to the clutch disc and to a solid fan. In neutral position, the motor shaft freely rotates while , when the annular piston is fed with air ( for doing this , you just need a small valve connected to a dispenser of air , for example , a compressor) the armature plate together with the clutch disc comes in contact with the fan thus blocking the movement of the motor.
The electric motor with pneumatic brake is very easy to use, is reliable and has a longevity that even the best electric brakes usually cannot warrant.
At the moment pneumatic brake is available only for motor frames 100 and 132 .
Asynchronous three phase brake motorsWith ac brake (FC series)
With dc brake (FK series)
Fimec motors can be equipped with a strong ac brake or dc brake. These motors are cooled by external surface ventilation and have a squirrel cage aluminum or aluminum alloy die-casting rotor, insulation class F, degree of protection IP55 , dimensions and shaft heights are unified . They can be supplied at single polarity (2, 4 , 6 or 8 pole) or at double polarity (4/ 2 poles , 8/ 4 pole , 4/6 poles, 6/8 poles, 8/2 poles).

Motors type FC or FK are suitable for being used in systems in which automatic brakings require a big number of stoppings (packing machines , lifting or transport machines , etc.) and for all those applications where you require a type of braking that stops the motor almost immediately . The motors type FC and FK have compact dimensions and are very quiet. The brake type FC is usually supplied at 230/400V , brake type FK usually at 400v . Both brakes can be powered directly from the motor terminal box or by a separate power line . On request we can provide a lever for manual release .
Compact Saw MotorsSeries SE, SEF, SEPFimec compact saw motors have been studied for all those applications in which an high output but limited dimensions are required. They are particularly suitable for applications on cutting machines (for example, circular saws) thanks to the lowered shape, allowing the maximum exploitation of the cutting height. Saw motors are usually supplied with a left or right hand threaded shaft, nuts and flanges. Shafts can be easily modified according to our customers’ needs . Terminal box can be positioned near the exit shaft (left or right side) or near the fan cover or on the top of the motor. It can also be rotated of 360 degrees in order to provide cable entry from different directions. These motors can work up to 6000 rpm if connected to an inverter and can be supplied with special voltages for working in Countries all over the world.

Compact saw motors are not foreseen by UNEL directions, consequently every manufacturer has Its own motor dimensions, shaft exits and powers.
Type SE:three phase motors without brake. From frame 48 up to frame 100;
Type SEF:three phase motors with dc security brake usually fed at 230v or 400v. From frame 48 up to frame 100;
Type SEP:three phase motors with pneumatic brake. Available only for frame H80 and H100.
Asynchronous Single Phase Motors

Fimec single phase motors are of different types:
Type M:Single phase motors equipped with a run capacitor permanently turned on. These motors are suitable for uses in machines which start without load. These motors can be manufactured , on request, with special voltages (for example 110v 60hz) for working in countries all over the world.
Type ME:single phase motors equipped with a timed electronic device. This device starts a timer when the motor is powered, when the starting capacitor is parallel to the run capacitor. After a certain period, the timer disconnects the starting capacitor. In this way the motor achieves a high starting torque at start, allowing start- stop cycles every 3 seconds.
Type MT:single phase motors with a dc brake.
Type MD:In those applications where an high starting torque is required, Fimec single-phase motors can be equipped with an auxiliary capacitor which is connected only in the starting phase of the motor and allows a starting torque of 200%. This type of motor should be used when the machine starts with a total or partial load. Once the motor has started, the auxiliary capacitor is disconnected by means of a circuit breaker. The centrifugal circuit breaker is an highly stable device as It detects the turns of the motor. This device has a normally closed spring loaded contact. When the motor begins to turn, the centrifugal force acts on two masses rotating on the shaft and exerts a force that overcomes the opposition of the spring once the rated rpm is reached. This opens the contact and disconnects the starting capacitor used to achieve the high starting torque.
HIGH SPEED SPINDLE MOTORS(from 6000 to 24000 rpm)Fimec spindle motors are designed to produce high torque and high speeds in compact dimensions. This makes the motor ideal for machining wood, plastics, aluminium, marble and glass for use in jobs ranging from routing, drilling and sawing to cutting, boring and grinding. Cooling is provided by a proprietary fan which rotates at spindle speed or, on request, by an electric fan independent from motor speed (separate electric fan warrants cooling at speeds lower than 7000rpm and for noiseless workings at the highest speeds).

These motors also include a labyrinth sealing arrangement to virtually eliminate any possibility of foreign particular damaging the bearings.
Fimec spindle motors are available with keyed or collect shaft.
Motors with keyed and threaded shaft (type L) mount a single deep groove spindle bearing at both ends of the housing. In this case, the motor can accept light plunge cutting, inducing axial loads but It is more suitable for those applications mainly involving radial loads.

Motors with collet shaft (type P) mount a double angular contact thrust bearing at the work end, with a single deep groove support bearing at the opposite end. They are designed for those applications requiring heavy plunge cutting, inducing high axial loads, on a regular basis.
Automatic Tool Change Spindle MotorsAir cooled electro spindleAutomatic tool change spindle motors for machining wood, marble, glass, plastic and aluminum. These spindle motors are characterized by their extremely high reliability and the wide range of powers and operating speeds. They are available with ISO30, HSK F50, HSK F63 tool holder shafts with powers ranging from 3.5kw up to 13.5kw and speeds up to 24000 rpm for all versions. The declared power ratings are guaranteed during continuous service, while the available powers for machining can be up to 100% during discontinuous operations (for example when machining solid wood).

Liquid cooled electro spindle motorsFimec quick-change liquid cooled electro spindle, with models mechanically compatible with the air-cooled versions, are designed for heavy duty applications. Used for machining steel, marble, wood, aluminum and plastics, these spindles are characterized by reliability and by their wide range of powers and operating speeds. They are available with ISO 30, ISO 40, ISO 40 and HSK shafts and powers from 2kw up to 22kw (speeds from 12000 rpm up to 50000 rpm). The declared power ratings are warranted during continuous service.